IMP Fitness Programs

IMP Fitness services the novice to the elite.  Our attention to safe practices and unique coaching style produce intangible rewards leading to unprecedented results. We promise an environment that will be comfortable and motivating for all ages and all levels of experience. We do not believe in fad diets, fad fitness products, or miracle quick fixes. We believe that balanced nutrition and individualized resistance and cardiovascular training are the only proven methods for improving overall health and physical fitness.

All of our programs include a comprehensive fitness evaluation. This will provide you and your professional trainer with a snap shot of your overall health and fitness levels. We then use this evaluation to periodically test those levels to ensure that you are progressing towards your health and fitness goals.

Better health and fitness does not come from exercise alone. At IMP Fitness we believe in looking at other areas as well, such as lifestyle, behavior, and physical history to help us customize your personal program. Fitness should be an integrated part of your life and daily recreation, not a chore.

Fitness Assessment
It's important to know your baseline fitness level before you begin your workout regimen. Our assessment includes body fat and body mass index (BMI) analysis, blood pressure screening and postural evaluations. Each assessment comes complete with an exercise prescription to help you reach your fitness goals.  Your IMP Fitness trainer will help you fill out our goals analysis and health history profile. Combining this information with the fitness assessment profile gives us the needed insight to determine the best program for you based upon your goals. Whether your goal is to look better in your wedding dress or you want to perform better on the field our highly qualified staff can safely and efficiently help you achieve your goals. 

One-on-One Sessions
Personalized attention designed to help you reach your goals. If you want to lose weight, increase strength, return to your pre-baby figure or train for a race, your search for a personal trainer ends here.

Partner Training
Nothing beats group support. Group training is an affordable way for everyone to get involved and to have the most fun in doing so. Just by showing up, you get the infectious energy of those around you. Time literally flies by as you reach new levels of performance and accomplish goals. Exercising with friends is more fun and cost effective! You are more likely to stick with your program when you make a commitment to exercise with a friend. Share the cost of your personal training sessions and get in great shape. Better than a chat over a cup of coffee - do something good for yourselves!

Nutritional Counseling $125

Exercise is only half the ingredient to a healthier and more fit you.  What you eat impacts how you feel and how your body responds to simple daily activities and exercise. IMP Fitness will develop a custom nutritional plan to compliment your health/fitness goals.  Receive a personalized plan to include health history evaluation, cardio vascular and supplementation plan.

Boot Camp For Adults Benefits to in-door boot camp: we can run the program all year long!
Indoor boot-camp classes blend cardio, flexibility & strength drills & run all year long.  Boot camp workout is a rigorous physical training which is helpful in burning fat and building muscle.  Grab your best pal, office mates, co-workers or neighbors.  Join one of our existing class times or gather your group for boot-camp all your own.  We can come to you if you cannot come to us!  No experience necessary, all fitness levels welcome! No experience necessary, all fitness levels welcome!  Pre-registration required.  (55 minutes).

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 6am
Tuesday &Thursday @ 6pm
Wednesday 630p
Sunday @ 10am

Cost is $100 for 8 sessions 2x/week for 4 weeks
$150 for 12 sessions 3x/week for 4 weeks
$15 / drop in class

Youth / Teen - Sports and Conditioning
IMP Fitness offers Sport & Conditioning classes FOCUSED on fundamentals to IMProve coordination, speed, agility and overall fitness. (50 minutes)

YOUTH (6-12 years old) $160 - Monday AND Wednesday (Time: TBD)

TEEN (13 -18 years old) $275/month: M, T, W, Th @ 4pm; M @ 730pm; W @ 7pm and Sun @ 11am

Teens – will FOCUS on all the above plus, improving speed & strength.  Sessions include introduction/use of all free weights, circuit machines and cardio vascular equipment.  Each athlete will also receive nutritional and supplementation education to enhance their performance.

Sign up for twice per week for 4 weeks. (8 sessions total)
55 minutes

For more information on any program email: info@impfitness.com

*Exclusive deal for gym members!  Members receive 10% off All-sports Summer Camp, Personal Training Packages, Youth/Teen Sport & Conditioning and Boot Camp Classes.


"Training under IMP Fitness has taken me to a whole new level. IMP Fitness' knowledge of nutrition as well as weight training stresses the complete circle of ultimate FItness. My success as a bodybuilder is due to my hard work and dedication but IMP Fitness' vested interest in me will maximize my potential in the sport of bodybuilding. I truly believe that, "You ain't FIt unless you are IMP Fit"

CJ - Fairfax, Virginia